The Easiest Way To Build Your Branded Custom Player Page Using Your Website and iFraming

Video Player Studio

The following is an easy way to build your own player page and iFrame it in your StreamLicensing Custom Folder.

This lets you easily meet copyright rules while using your own custom player page. This works on most websites, including WordPress.

1) Build up your Player Page on your own website.

You can do this:

a)  By building your new page however you want using your existing website template. Name the new page 1008.html (or whatever non-obvious name you choose.) You can use our player or any player you want. You can also use our External Player Launch Links and our Playing Now Code Snippets.

b) Or make a copy of your index page and save the copy as 1008.html (or whatever name you choose.) If your index page already has a player on it, make this copy BEFORE taking the player and any external player links off the index page.

To this new “cloned” or newly-built page: Put the player of your choice and external player launch links on this page.  If you imbed the player on this page (rather than adding an additional popup player page), the player must not autostart.

2) Start a service ticket and ask for help in iframing your page.

Include the URL of the newly cloned player page.

3) We will iframe that page here at in your custom folder and give you the new link.

4) Now go to your index page and take all players and external player links off. These can only be displayed on the copyrighted page (your newly built page) which must be hosted under the StreamLicensing domain.

5) Install a big listen icon in place of the player on your index page and link to the URL we give you for your iFramed page at StreamLicensing.

6) Make sure all listen to link the StreamLicensing URL (above).

7) Make sure no pages under your domain have a player or external player links.

8) Our agreement with BMI requires that your website close when your Player Page opens. To make this happen you need to set the links to your Listen page to open in the same, or parent window.

Start a service ticket if you need help.

Now you have a branded player page and you are ready to iFrame it and upload the iFrame page file to your StreamLicensing Custom Folder.

Step 3 –  StreamLicensing Banner

Add your StreamLicensing Validation Seal to your website.

Adding the StreamLicensing Validation Seal To Your Website

This StreamLicensing Validating Seal will be available beginning on or about 4/12/2013.

All Affiliates must replace the old StreamLicensing Validating Banner or text with the Validating Seal outlined below.

No exceptions!

This is to reduce fraudulent use of the StreamLicensing Logo or Banner by non-affiliates.

StreamLicensing is a registered trademark belonging to StreamLicensing and must ONLY be displayed by active StreamLicensing Affiliates.

  1. Log into your StreamLicensing Control panel. You can always find your login by going to and clicking on the Broadcaster’s Area.
  2. Once logged in you should see Quick Links on the right. If you don’t see Quick Links look up to the top and click on Client Area. Now under Quick Links choose My Streams.
  3. You will find your StreamLicensing Validating Seal inside your Station Edit Window.
  4. Click on the little Icon with a Pencil to open your edit window

  1. Now scroll down to the bottom and you will see your Validating StreamLicensing Seal and just below it the HTML code snippet you need for your website.
  2. DO NOT COPY THE JPEG. INSTEAD, Highlight and Copy ALL the code in the Code Snippet Window BELOW THE SEAL and then paste AS HTML Code into your website. This HTML code will place your StreamLicensing Validating Seal on your website. Make sure you insert this code on your index (home) page and on your player page if you design your own copyright compliant player page for us to host.

Highlight and copy ALL the code in the Code Snippet Window and then paste AS HTML Code into your website.

Top 7 Best Corporate Wellness Software of 2021 for Wellness Warriors

This article will answer the question of “Which wellness software are the choicest for wellness warriors in 2021?”

After reading this article, you’re going to get a fairly comprehensive review of the best corporate wellness software in the industry.

Read on as we discuss the top 7 best corporate wellness software of 2021.

1) Changers CO2 fit

Changers CO2 fit


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Changers was a top choice for me because of the interactive nature of the company’s communication interfacing with their clients and customers.

They are the choice for physical wellness and environmental sustainability.

Pros of Changers

  • Modern Design: highly accessible software that is not hard to understand what is going on.
  • They are mobile: You can easily get the smart phone app.
  • Corporate organizations using the software show that they are willing to accept environmental responsibility.
  • Companies can take control of their goals and motivation of their employees within the scope of the application.
  • Corporate leaders or individuals can have 14 days free trial of the software.

Cons of Changers

  • Users can immediately understand the levels of benefits that changers offer in terms of lifestyle changes and the incentives. However, not much is said about

2) Aurum




According to the description on the Google PlayStore, is the “platform which provides the best professional mental and emotional wellness ecosystem.”

Pros of Aurum Wellness software

  • The app is on public app stores and this gives pretty fair and balanced review from real users.
  • I like the Aurum wellness therapy app because it is drawn from a multicultural approach to dealing with stress and well being for corporate organizations.
  • Users can have self help with the software or decide to work with dedicated therapist.

Cons of Aurum

  • There have been complaints about the late response by therapist.
  • The remote response by therapist may not be enough for some workplaces.

3) Wellable


Wellable is the choice for most corporate organizations because they offer the ideal situation that will enable good performance on the job.

Wellable is probably the least likely to lead to distraction from work in the corporate workspace. It’s used by many wellness corporations especially Deborah’s Wellness Warrior – one of the best wellness organizations in the United States.

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Pros of Wellable

  • The best advantage of Wellable is its customization capability.
  • Corporate leadership can have control of every aspect of the features that they want to implement in their organization.
  • Their free trial and demo is among one of the bests of wellness software.

Cons of Wellable

  • The solution is highly focused on managerial control of the wellness service the software should offer.
  • The promotion of Wellable gives the impression of a top-down approach to leadership in corporate wellness. However, the process could be inclusive depending on an organization’s culture.

4) Optimity


Optimity is one of the software that stand out in the aspect of providing reward and motivation. The idea is to help promote healthy lifestyle among the users of the app.

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Pros of Optimity

    • Users of the apps can find it interesting that they can compete and interact with others within a community.
    • It encourages personal motivation in physical wellness and mental wellbeing.
    • The application does well in including more aspects of wellness for example nutritional choices.

Cons of Optimity

Although the company that developed Optimity have been long in the business of corporate wellness, there is still a long way to go in terms of causing influence in nonconforming companies.

5) League


League software offers the most committed healthcare service for corporation.

Their slogan suggests that they are interested in healthcare of workers.

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Pros of League

  • League can help in dealing with healthcare management for companies that may have situations where workers need routine healthcare.
  • The company have control over possible concerns of insurance.
  • If the software and demo projects the right return on investment as claimed, companies that are required to cover healthcare should gain.

Cons of League

Although there is advantage in the focus on healthcare, other aspect of wellness services could be featured in their software benefits which could also promote the healthcare offer.

6) MoveSpring


MoveSpring supports company to “stay healthy, happy and connected” and they promise to offer this in fun and easy way.


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Pros of MoveSpring

  • A unique style in communicating about the benefits that they offer.
  • The company have enough information about the service which will help organizations who need the service with making a buying decision.
  • The “rewards strategy” seems to work and clients and customers like it.
  • It encourages inclusiveness and team participation.

Cons of MoveSpring

  • It is not exactly easy to determine if the users and employees follow the program unless activity is done in the workplace.

7) GoVida


GoVida application aims to be the health and wellbeing app of the population. The advantage of its specialization in both remote and at office workplace is remarkable.







Pros of GoVida

  • It’s a good choice for building team cohesion in corporate environments.
  • They offer the most important benefits in their messaging to both their clients and end users.
  • The software can be used in a wide variety of devices.
  • Good variety of media sources for clients to look at before buying into the program.

Cons of GoVida

  • GoVida have a modern approach and an impressive approach to wellness built in their software but they are still a growing company compared to their competitors.
  • Even though user reviews are great, they have lesser reviews compared to their competitors.


Over the years, corporations have been at the receiving end of stern criticisms over employee safety and well-being.

However, it is a good trend that information technology is offering solutions in corporate wellness which provide some needed balance.

Tech has played massive roles in corporate wellness and there are still more rooms to provide solutions that will promote better experience for business leaders and employees.

Can Music Affect Your Romantic Relationships?

Music and relationships

In the past, live performers used to play pieces entitled ‘ode to joy’ or, ‘ode to sadness.’

These pieces of symphonic music-induced real emotions amongst listeners. The rooms used to be full of visible emotions such as courtship, anger, melancholy, etc.

However, music’s changed now. Musical clips can’t surely impact us or our relationships, right?


Our body and our minds respond to tempo, rhythmic changes, lyrical interpretations, and everything else we find in both modern and classical music.

Here’s how music affects us and our relationships:

The Single Phase

Long before you’re even in a relationship, your music taste can impact your chances of attracting members of the opposite sex.

For instance, sexually aggressive songs can make men feel misogynistic. Similarly, men-hating songs induce negative thoughts in female brains, especially the way they view the men in their lives.

Creating Memories

Quite possibly one of the first dates or meetings you share with your partner will be marked with a soundtrack.

Rare moments of intimacy (e.g., the first flirtation or the first kiss) are registered in special regions of our brains.

These memories become ostensibly linked to whatever music we were listening to during that time.

That’s why many people have certain soundtracks or songs that remind them of the ‘happiest days.’

Music Impacts How You Appreciate Your Loved Ones

In a recent study, it was proven that music impacted the way men bought gifts for women. The experiment involved romantic music being played in a small flower shop.

Romantic music made men buy more flowers!

Similarly, any media with amorous content has been proven to enhance romantic thoughts.

These effects are shared by both sexes.

However, these music-driven effects aren’t always positive. For instance, people listening to antisocial music often demonstrate symptoms of psychopathy.

Sexual Attraction

Our brains release dopamine whenever we listen to a favorite piece of music. A similar amount of dopamine is released during lovemaking.

Hence, music has always been linked with sexual attraction.

It is not uncommon for couples to have their ‘special song.’

Family Time

Music can impact your family life.

When groups of people play music, they experience ‘group think’ or ‘synchronization.’ For instance, two members of the family may start dancing together automatically when they listen to tunes.

Boost Inter-Relationship Empathy

Music also evokes empathy. People are more likely to feel empathic responses towards their designated ‘music listening partners.’

Hence, when couples who’ve shared ‘listening experiences’ break up, they have to stop listening to their once favorite tracks.

Researchers have also stated that children who share musical experiences with their parents are more likely to have mature and empathetic familial relationships when they grow up.

I’ve seen so many couples get back stronger in a relationship because they were music lovers. One very good example is my friend who was asked to text his wife.

His marriage counselor told him ‘You know, Andrew, why not text her and pour out your emotions since you cannot bear the thought of talking to her on the phone’.

And that did the trick!

Taking the Edge Off

Too much time spent with the family can be stressful as well. The best solution for mom and dad looking for some free time? Music!

The relaxing effects of music are well-documented. Music-loving couples know how to uncomplicate personal debates and take the edge off.

Get You Through the Hard Times

Every relationship has its own share of struggles. When loud fights, arguments, or painkillers don’t do the job – your favorite song might be the best solution.

When people listen to music they love, their tolerance levels and emotional maturity improve.

They’re able to control their anxiety, look past the distractions triggered by the argument, and show empathy.


Couples who indulge in a workout together stay healthy and happy. Adding music to these dynamics only improves matters. Put on some energetic music (that you both like) and start strengthening your bodies and your love for each other!

Music and relationships are two of nature’s greatest gifts. No wonder they complement each other so well!