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The Easiest Way To Build Your Branded Custom Player Page Using Your Website and iFraming

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The following is an easy way to build your own player page and iFrame it in your StreamLicensing Custom Folder.

This lets you easily meet copyright rules while using your own custom player page. This works on most websites, including WordPress.

1) Build up your Player Page on your own website.

You can do this:

a)  By building your new page however you want using your existing website template. Name the new page 1008.html (or whatever non-obvious name you choose.) You can use our player or any player you want. You can also use our External Player Launch Links and our Playing Now Code Snippets.

b) Or make a copy of your index page and save the copy as 1008.html (or whatever name you choose.) If your index page already has a player on it, make this copy BEFORE taking the player and any external player links off the index page.

To this new “cloned” or newly-built page: Put the player of your choice and external player launch links on this page.  If you imbed the player on this page (rather than adding an additional popup player page), the player must not autostart.

2) Start a service ticket and ask for help in iframing your page.

Include the URL of the newly cloned player page.

3) We will iframe that page here at StreamLicensing.com in your custom folder and give you the new link.

4) Now go to your index page and take all players and external player links off. These can only be displayed on the copyrighted page (your newly built page) which must be hosted under the StreamLicensing domain.

5) Install a big listen icon in place of the player on your index page and link to the URL we give you for your iFramed page at StreamLicensing.

6) Make sure all listen to link the StreamLicensing URL (above).

7) Make sure no pages under your domain have a player or external player links.

8) Our agreement with BMI requires that your website close when your Player Page opens. To make this happen you need to set the links to your Listen page to open in the same, or parent window.

Start a service ticket if you need help.

Now you have a branded player page and you are ready to iFrame it and upload the iFrame page file to your StreamLicensing Custom Folder.

Step 3 –  StreamLicensing Banner

Add your StreamLicensing Validation Seal to your website.