Building and Uploading HTML Code Pages (For Advanced Programmers Only)

This Tutorial tells you how to set up your Custom Folder at StreamLicensing.Com and using and uploading HTML code to build your Custom Player Page.

If you are not experienced in using HTML code to build pages, we recommend you use the iFraming method.

Copyright law requires that all your players and player launch links are only displayed on the copyrighted domain’s URL, which in this case is StreamLicensing’s domain.

The purpose of this Folder is to host your custom-designed player page under the StreamLicensing domain to meet copyright law.

Remember, you can always use your Quick Start Player Page indefinitely. You are not required to build your own custom player page.

However, the purpose of building your custom player page is to maintain the appearance and branding of your website while complying with Copyright law.

To build and upload your own Custom Player Page

First, set up your custom folder.

  • Log into your StreamLicensing control panel and go to the Client Area, choose My Streams from the Quick Links to the right of your page. Down at the bottom of the page you will find the Custom Content Folder Setup box.
  • Choose the name you desire for your Custom Content Folder and complete the steps indicated to create your custom folder.

Second, build and upload your custom page.

  • Please note that we host only .html .htm .pls .m3u .qtl .ram and .asx files. For example, you will need to host your graphics files on your regular website and point the graphics URL in your HTML to your website graphics’ URL.
  • Uploading files to your Custom Content Folder is accomplished in this same box.
  • Please watch this tutorial for the specific steps needed to bring your website into copyright compliance.
  • It may be much easier for you to build your player page on your website and then iFrame your website player page in your StreamLicensing Custom Content Folder.
  • Once your page is uploaded to your Custom Content Folder at StreamLicensing, change all listen links to your new Custom Player Page which opens under your copyrighted StreamLicensing URL. Make sure no players or external player launch links exist on any page hosted under your domain. All your players and external player launch links must only be accessed from your copyrighted StreamLicensing page.
  • Our agreement with BMI requires that your website close when the Player Page opens. To make this happen you need to set the links to your Listen page to open in the same, or parent window.
  • For more information or help contact us.
  • Website Compliance Check List.

Step 3 –  StreamLicensing Banner

Add your StreamLicensing Validation Seal to your website. Click Here for the Tutorial for adding your StreamLicensing Validating Banner.

Add Icecast Stream To Your StreamLicensing Monitor Panel

The following are the process of adding Icecast stream to your StreamLicensing monitor panel.

Step 1b – After you add your station into your StreamLicensing monitoring panel you will next add your Stream.

We will license up to a total of eight stations with no more than eight streams per license. Here is your text tutorial for adding your Icecast stream.

  • Log into your StreamLicensing Control panel. You can always find your login window by going to and clicking on the Broadcaster’s Area.
  • Once logged in you should see Quick Links on the right. If you don’t see Quick Links look up to the top and click on Client Area. Now under Quick Links choose My Streams.
  • A reminder: We support SHOUTcast Version 1 & 2 and Icecast KH only. If your server is Icecast Non-KH we cannot license you. See our F.A.Q. page for more information. If you need help determining your server type and version, or would like a list of preferred providers whose servers are supported by StreamLicensing, please contact us by phone or email. See our Contact Page for current contact information.
  • Click on the + to the right of Add New Stream.

  • Scroll down to see a completed example. Consult detailed instructions below as needed. Once Stream is added you must validate it.
  • Stream Name is any name you choose to identify the stream.
  • URL: This is the URL and port assigned by your Stream Provider.  When entering your player URL do NOT insert http:// and do NOT insert Port Number here.  Your player URL can be either number (like or a name assigned by your Stream Provider (like  If you have player URL like this: you will leave off http://  Put in the URL space (and leave off :8000/stream, you will put 8000 in the port entry and put stream in the mountpoint entry).
  • Choose the correct drop-down answers for Station, Server Type, Stream Type, and Bitrate.
  • Username is usually admin.  Use admin unless the stream does not validate when you are done. If admin is not correct use the Username assigned by your stream host.
  • Password is the password used in your encoder to send the stream to your Stream Server. This is also assigned by your Stream Provider.
  • Insert the correct port number.
  • Insert the mountpoint (if your mountpoint is /stream, leave off the / and only enter stream).
  • If you don’t want this stream listed in our directory uncheck In Directory.
  • Click on Create Stream.
  • Validate your stream. Your stream(s) must validate to start and maintain StreamLicensing coverage.
  • For Icecast you need to enter three mountpoints: stream, live, and autodj.  Do this by adding a total of three streams, each stream with one of the three mountpoints. The three-stream mountpoints entries count as one stream toward your total allowance of eight streams per license.
  • Once your stream or streams are entered and validated you have completed Step 1 of the Initial Steps and your StreamLicensing coverage is valid.
  • Step 2 is the Website Compliance and Player Page setup.
  • Step 3 is to add the StreamLicensing Validating Seal.