How StreamLicensing Helps Keep Users Safe On Sex Websites

Users are taking data privacy more seriously by the day, and with legislation like CCPA and GDRP, this is something no business can afford to ignore. As such, there’s a growing number of casual sex apps looking to offer users peace of mind in their browsing experience.

StreamLicensing goes above and beyond this by offering an industry-first solution which enables users to share information about their sexual preferences with others without revealing any personal details. While some might find this concept strange, it has proven to be popular among many users as they’re able to explore their kinks in private and safely.

In fact, this technology has been used in over 60 different countries so far, including the United States, Australia, France and Sweden. With laws such as the California Consumer Privacy Act, businesses need an easy way to manage user data and requests to remove it. This means that StreamLicensing will soon become a staple feature for every sex website, allowing them to comply with law while keeping their users safe.

How Is StreamLicensing Protecting User Data?

The company has developed a proprietary algorithm which uses facial recognition software to scan the webcam feed of all visitors on an adult site. The algorithm then matches these faces against a database of known pornstars and models (using public profiles or social media accounts) to create a list of potential matches.

From here, the system allows you to anonymously browse through live cams of people who have already visited your favorite adult sites. This way, if you visit a celebrity’s profile page, their cam will automatically pop up alongside other users’ in the same room.

By not requiring users to register for an account, StreamLicensing is enabling more people than ever before to take part in online dating. Not only does it keep things anonymous but also gives users a better chance of finding new partners. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

What Are Some Of The Most Popular Adult Websites With StreamLicensing?

As mentioned above, StreamLicensing is available on over 60 different sites throughout the world. In fact, they’ve been working closely with some of the biggest names in the industry.

One of these companies is, who provide live webcam shows from over 20k models worldwide. This massive adult video platform hosts millions of visitors each month, making them one of the largest streaming sites around.

Another popular site is Chaturbate. The company was founded back in 2011 and now offers free webcam chat rooms where anyone can broadcast their own webcam performance. They host over 1 million live broadcasts every day, attracting thousands of visitors per minute.

These two examples alone demonstrate how popular StreamLicensing is becoming. Thanks to its innovative technology, users don’t have to worry about sharing their personal information with strangers. Instead, they can connect with others without having to reveal anything about themselves.

Is StreamLicensing Available For Other Platforms?

While StreamLicensing is currently used across numerous adult websites, the company is committed to making this technology available on as many platforms as possible. If you’d like to try out this service for yourself, simply visit our homepage to see what options are available.

The great news is that StreamLicensing is now compatible with desktop and mobile devices alike, giving users even greater freedom when it comes to exploring their sexual desires. There’s nothing stopping you from using StreamLicensing on any device you own.

If you want to learn more about StreamLicensing, feel free to read through our comprehensive overview. You’ll find everything from how the technology works to the various benefits of joining a particular site. Even if you decide to join a different portal, we guarantee that you won’t regret reading this article.