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    NRT Radio is a 24/7 online Christian music radio station brought to you by, the largest Christian music site online. NRT Radio plays only the latest Christian music in all genres without a single repeat in our 9+ hour playlist!

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    Special Programming Every Friday, Saturday & Sunday!


    7-9PM EST
    The Weekend 22

    9-10PM EST

    The Reconstruction

    Jam The Hype

    7-8PM EST
    NRT Insider

    8-9PM EST
    The Z-Rock Radio Revolution

    9-10PM EST
    ENCORE! The Reconstruction

    ENCORE! Jam The Hype


    8-10AM EST

    10-NOON EST
    The Sunday Morning Drive

    8-10PM EST
    20 The Countdown Magazine

    The Weekend Top 20

    Weekend 22 Countdown, NRT Radio Hype Radio Network, NRT Radio 20 The Countdown Magazine With Jon Rivers, NRT Radio The Weekend Top 20 Countdown On NRT Radio The Sunday Morning Drive The Reconstruction with David Thulin NRT News Minute MORE PROGRAMMING ON NRT RADIO

    Music News Minute
    Get the latest in Christian music news at 11AM, 2PM, 5PM, 8PM and 11PM EST Monday through Friday!

    Rewind Hour
    Every day from 3-4PM EST, we play one hour of Rewind selections highlighting top hits from 1995-2009.

    Recently Added To NRT Radio
    Updated April 22, 2014 5:53 PM

    We uploaded an entirely new playlist in April 2014 with over 140 new songs! Here's a small highlight of what's new:

    • Aaron Sprinkle - Coming Home & Whisper Something
    • Allistair - Just A Little Bit
    • Andy Mineo f/ Marz - Never Land
    • Audio Adrenaline - I Climb The Mountain
    • Benjamin f/ Jesiah Dzwonek - Can't Stop
    • Capital Kings - Be A King
    • Casting Crowns - Thrive
    • for KING & COUNTRY - From The Inside Out
    • Francesca Battistelli - When The Crazy Kicks In
    • Hillsong Young & Free - The Stand
    • HITPOINTS - The Day I Breathe
    • Jason Gray - Not Right Now
    • Jonathan Thulin "Architecture"
    • Michael W. Smith - You Won't Let Go
    • Planetshakers - Endless Praise & Dance
    • Plumb - Beautiful
    • Rend Collective - Burn Like A Star
    • Shawn McDonald - Firefly
    • Shonlock "A Night To Remember"
    • Skillet "Madness In Me"
    • Switchfoot "The World You Want"

    About NRT Radio: The NEW Sound Of Christian Music

    NRT Radio is a unique listener experience, different from the majority of formats in radio today, both terrestrial and online. The format spans multiple genres including CHR, ROCK, AC, WORSHIP, URBAN and RAP. The songs we play are only from an artist's latest release and we have a zero repeat policy, meaning for our entire playlist (120+ songs and 8+ hours) you will never hear the same song twice! NRT Radio adds new songs monthly, ensuring a continuously fresh playlist for our listeners. Finally, NRT Radio is all about the music we play. We have no DJs talking to you between songs, no fund drives asking for listener support and with minimal commercials, we're able to fit in an average of 16 songs per hour!

    Thank you for your support of NRT Radio. You can contact us at any time at or visit us on Twitter @NRTRadio or Facebook for the latest updates.

    Listener Shout Outs

    Send us your feedback at

    "I'm seriously really impressed with NRT Radio. It's what stations like K-love should be. You should check it out!" —Anthony Jarrell

    "Thanks NRT Radio for being such a blessing everyday. This station has brightened up my working hours!" —Raquel B., Argentina

    "Just a quick comment to say how much my family and I love listening to NRT. We use the TuneIn app to listen. We are missionaries in Rwanda, training pastors in a local Bible college for the last eight years. I regularly take NRT to the local military gym, where I exercise. They allow me to plug in my music. So, I plug in my phone and get NRT streaming through their stereo. It's a pretty humbling sight to see a group of Rwandan guys (and one American - me) lifting weights, singing songs that honor the Lord. Probably the coolest experience was when NRT was playing "The King is Coming" by Newsboys a few months ago. Even after the song was finished, guys in the room kept going with it. Even this morning, I brought my 8-year old son into my office to play "Our God" remix by Sammy Sayso. He was transfixed. Given that there aren't many music options for my kids here, I love seeing his eyes light up like that. Given that the norm for American-style music in places like Rwanda is trash (cussing, sex, etc.) because people don't know much English, I love filling the minds of my children and friends with words that honor God. Thanks for service to the Lord." —Tim B., WorldVenture, Rwanda

    "NRT Radio ROCKS!!! It's crazy cool and is satisfying to my soul!" —Ron B. (Facebook)

    "I just started listening to NRT Radio and I love hearing songs I never hear on local Christian radio! I especially like how there are no repeats in an 8 hour span! Thank you!" —Diane S.

    "I wanted to thank you for this station. I usually listen to K-Love but I have been listening to NRT Radio recently and like what you are doing. God bless!" —Johnny A.

    "Hopefully many more popular music fans will discover NRT Radio! This music is just fantastic! And hopefully someday Christian music will be the popular music! Love it! Love it! Love it!" —GaryZ1000, NRT Forums

    "Awesome. Simply awesome!" —belbowa, NRT Forums

    "Found NRT radio on my Android with Winamp, and can't stop listening! I love hearing GOOD christian music that actually competes with secular music with its style and beat, but beats secular music with its lyrics. I felt like I was at a concert or club with half of this music. Awesome and can't wait to see this music get into the public faster." —Stevie B.

    "This is the best station in the world. Period! I love your music and it keeps me focused on the Lord and positive things in life. Thanks so much for what you all do every day." —Teddy G.

    "I usually listen to KLOV or SPIRIT RADIO, but NRT Radio has a great, different selection of music. I love gospel music, and even the oldies from the church hymnals are good, but the newer artists have a passion in their music that I have not heard in a long time." —Linda M.

    "I love NRT Radio. Keep it up!" —Abel J.

    "I LOVE this radio station! I listen to it on my iPhone at home, work, everywhere! Thank you and God Bless!" —Tanya

    "I listen daily to NRT Radio. The playlist is great and I enjoy all the different artists you play! Thank you so much!" —Krista

    "Thanks for your card at Creation NE! I have been listening to NRT Radio every day at work and I LOVE it!" —Brenda

    "NRT Radio is kickin' out the jamz 24/7! It's sweet that i can flip on NRT Radio anytime and hear great music." —Jeremy

    "NRT Radio rocks! It's become my main station I listen to." —Amber

    "Great song after great song! Every time I'm about to get off the computer, another great song comes on!" —Melissa

    "There so far has not been one song that I have heard, that I did not like! This is most definitely my favorite radio station! Awesome job!" —Ginger

    "I love the diverse mix of music! In the first 15 minutes alone, I heard a song by an artist I’d never heard of before and now I can't wait to go to iTunes and get it." —Sarah

    "NRT Radio is now one of my favorite online stations!"—bobct7777

    "WOW! This is awesome! It's everything I've ever wanted in a radio station! I was getting so tired of listening to the same songs over and over on my previous station. I'm totally switching! You guys sure nailed this. I LOVE it and I'm sold! Thanks!" —Gail

    "I've been listening to NRT Radio for the past day and I'm hearing lots of new artists & songs!" —Gabriel7o9

    "I could not add NRT Radio to my favorites quick enough." —Ceri

    "I am more than impressed with your mix of music. It is so fresh and well mixed. Often online services don't consider the 'playability' of their mixes. Thanks for taking the time to provide a mix that reminds me of God's work and purpose in my life and at the same time is a great listening experience." —Rick

    "NRT Radio is awesome! At first, I thought I would be opposed to only hearing new music, but I really like it. Brilliant idea! Praise be to God." —Emily

    "WOW! This is an excellent radio station. I find myself listening to it more and more. I love it." —Marc

    "This is such a 'right on' original concept I haven't listened to anything else since I turned on NRT!" —Colleen

    Weekend 22 Countdown, NRT Radio Hype Radio Network, NRT Radio Christian Rock 20 Radio Syndication 20 The Countdown Magazine With Jon Rivers, NRT Radio The Weekend Top 20 Countdown On NRT Radio ZRock Radio Revolution On NRT Radio: The NEW Sound Of Christian Music Under The Radar, Christian Radio Programs
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